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2016-11-28: Manic Mondays Episode 493

493It's Just Another Cyber Monday....
[download]Well that was a nice Thanksgiving break, so before we go all Chrismakwanzakah (crap, forgot Boxing Day... sorry, Canada!) on your collective asses, Devo Spice just plays some random feel goods and even takes a request! And all this has ZERO to do with Cyber Monday! YAY!

1. “Addicted to the Disco” by Sean Cullen
2. “Straight Up Otter Time” by The Gothsicles
3. News of the Stupid!
4. “Carbonated Hamsters” by Worm Quartet

Sean Cullen is at
The Gothsicles are at
And Worm Quartet is at Worm

    2016-11-21: Manic Mondays Episode 492

    492Getting Ready To Stuff Ourselves
    [download]Is it odd on Thanksgiving week that Devo Spice, even with that culinary name of his, didn't consciously acknowledge this week's episode consists of all food-linked songs? No. No it's not odd. It's DELICIOUS!

    1. “9 Dollar Cupcake” by Rob Paravonian
    2. “Soy Un Butterball” by Perch Theatre
    3. News Of The Nom-Nom
    4. “Pumpkin Spicemas” by Mikey Mason

    Rob Paravonian is at
    I think Perch Theater is at There is A Perch Theater there but I’m not sure it’s the same one.
    and Mikey Mason is at

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      2016-11-14: Manic Mondays Episode 491

      491In A Fowl Mood
      [download]This week we, erm, honor our President-elect in song, Devo Spice goes 1 on 2 on 1 on 1 with 2D6 (and whomever seems to be passing through), and Cheech & Chong get deported! Plus, Seamonkey seems to be in a fowl mood this week.

      1. “Trump” by Bob Rivers
      2. Interview with 2D6 at Con on the Cob
      3. “Sex Person” by 2D6
      4. Election 2016! No, sorry, meant to say, “News Of The Stupid!”
      5. “Born In East LA” by Cheech and Chong

      Bob Rivers is at
      2D6 is at
      Cheech and Chong are at
      and Shout-out to this week’s new backer on Patreon! - Mario Camou! Thanks!

        2016-11-07: Manic Mondays Episode 490

        490This One Doesn't Suck
        [download]This week Devo Spice plays songs about not sucking and reviews an album that doesn't suck. I think he needs a new vacuum.

        1. “The One That Doesn’t Suck So Bad” by Barry Mitchell
        2. Dementia Breakdown: Review of the album, "I Feel Sicle" by The Gothsicles
        3. “4 Fat Guys” by The Gothsicles
        4. NEWS O' THE STOOPID
        5. “We Don’t Suck Anymore” by Joey Busse

        Barry Mitchell is at
        The Gothsicles are at and their new album I Feel Sicle can be picked up at
        and Joey Busse can be found at
        Shout-outs to this week’s new backers on Patreon!
        - "The Scope" which you can find at, and
        - "Kristi Avery"

          2016-10-31: Manic Mondays Episode 489

          489The Scariest Time of the Year: MONDAY!
          [download]There's only one thing creepier than the fact that it's Halloween... it's also MONDAY!!! (insert blood-curdling scream here)
          This week, Devo Spice plays into your fears and gives you songs that are sure to make you shiver... from giggling!

          1. “This is Halloween” by The Nightmare Before Christmas
          2. “We’re All Gonna Die” by Insane Ian featuring Kiki Canon, Schaffer The Darklord, and Devo Spice
          3. News of the FRIGHTENINGLY STUPID!
          4. “Happy Halloween” by John Zacherle

          The Nightmare Before Christmas is probably on Netflix or something!
          Insane Ian is at
          And Zacherle is at (
          Shout-outs to this week’s new backers on Patreon!
          "Marc Gunn" and "Lar DeSouza"
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            2016-10-24: Manic Mondays Episode 488

            488Don't Patronize... PATREON!
            [download]This week we've launched a Patreon campaign to offer YOU, the dedicated (and paying!) listener some extra stuffs in addition to the quality weekly show that we produce each week for FREE! So if free just ain't cuttin' for you anymore, and you'd like extra things such as stickers, outtakes, or the opportunity to sponsor an episode, go to and take a look!

            1. “Bad Hombres, Nasty Women” by Songify featuring “Weird Al” Yankovic
            2. “Suck It, Trebek” by TEAMHEADKICK featuring MegaRan and MC Lars
            3. News O' The Stupid!
            4. “P.T.L.” by Mucky Pup

            Songify featuring Weird Al Yankovic and can be found at
            TeamHeadKick is at
            And Mucky Pup is at

            Patreon supporter shout outs this week go to: Michael Charboneau, Wild Card, Whitney Falba, Luke Ski, Jason Schneiderman, and Anita Meinken! Thanks!

              2016-10-17: Manic Mondays Episode 487

              487Clowin' Around
              [download]Clowns! They come in many different forms... spooky clowns, goofy-talking clowns, even the clowns in our world governments! This week, Devo Spice explores some of the clownin' around that's been goin' down!

              1. “Killer Klowns from Outter Space” by The Dickies
              2. “Dylan’s Just Screwin’ With You” by Drew Jacobs
              3. News of the STUPID!
              4. “Putin” by Randy Newman

              The Dickies are at
              Drew Jacobs is at
              And Randy Newman is at

                2016-10-10: Manic Mondays Episode 486

                486Laughing to Keep From Crying
                [download]This week's episode is dedicated to Tim Raymus who recently passed away. We also get songs about Trump's taxes and married life, so plenty to laugh until we cry about... or vice versa.

                1. “The Last Time Trump Paid Taxes” by Lauren Mayer
                2. “Comcast Needs to Die (Common Ground)” by Tim Raymus
                3. News of the Stupid
                4. “Marry’d Lyfe” by Insane Ian

                Lauren Mayer is at
                Tim Raymus is at
                And Insane Ian is at

                  2016-10-03: Manic Mondays Episode 485

                  485Politics Affects Song Choice
                  [download]A look at the song choices for this week's episode tells us one thing: must be a political voting cycle!

                  1. “Snake Oil Man” by Zoltan and the Fortune Tellers
                  2. “I’d Buy That for a Dollar (Four Quarters Ultimix) by Scooter Picnic & the great Luke Ski featuring Lyndsay Smith
                  3. NEWS OF THE STUPID!
                  4. “Shitstorm” by Sean Cullen

                  Zoltan and the Fortune Tellers are at
                  Scooter Picnic is at, Luke Ski is at, and Lindsay Smith Carrozza is at
                  And Sean Cullen is at

                    2016-09-26: Manic Mondays Episode 484

                    484Monday Toons
                    [download]This week's episode is toon'rific, with a new Weird Al cartoon theme song, Smashy Claw and Scooter Picnic! Throw in some Bad Advice and News of the Stupid and this episode really gets you animated!

                    1. “Milo Murphy’s Law Theme Song” by Weird Al Yankovic
                    2. Noos Ov Thu Stoopid
                    3. “Pirate” by Smashy Claw
                    4. Bad Advice with Devo Spice (ding!)
                    5. “I Live in the Future from You” by Scooter Picnic

                    Weird Al Yankovic is at
                    Smashy Claw is at and their IndieGoGo
                    campaign can be found at
                    And Scooter Picnic is at