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2017-01-02: Manic Mondays Episode 498

498Episode 2017: The Empire Strikes Back
[download]Ok, so we all agree that 2016 sucked and we're glad to get that one shown the #$*&@ door, but there be new and zany things on the horizon for this year... starting, oh, right around Friday, January 20th!! We'll get back to that later, but for now, enjoy your first MM of 2017!

1. “Leia (and Other Assorted Star Wars Parodies)” by Power Salad
2. “SEAGULLS! (Stop it Now)” by Bad Lip Reading
4. “We’re Gonna Sleep (All Night Long)” by The Arrogant Worms

Power Salad is at
Bad Lip Reading is
And The Arrogant Worms are at
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    2016-12-26: Manic Mondays Episode 497

    497End of the Year Blow-Out!
    [download]This year has finally, mercifully, come to an end. So what are we doing around here? Well, looking back, as usual! Because we want to relive all the pain and anguish that this bastardization of a year caused. Not really, but we had to do it, and sometimes it's best to just get it over with. You know, the "ripping off the band-aid quick" approach.

    1. “Donald Trump’s Wall” by Holy Bongwater
    2. News of the Stupid
    3. “Pokémon Mon” by Robert Lund
    4. News of the Stupid Year-End Countdown
    5. “Dead Dead Dead” by South Park

    Holy Bongwater is at
    Robert Lund is at
    And South Park is at

      2016-12-19: Manic Mondays Episode 496

      496Comedy Music Advent Week 3 - FINAL COUNTDOWN
      [download]Welp, this is it! The FINAL MANIC MONDAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS! But don't worry, after that there's New Year's and Inauguration Day... so much to look forward to! Until then, here's some more holiday cheer, wrapped up in a nice 128kpbs bow!

      1. “Too Much Christmas” by Matt Griffo
      2. “The Christmas Can-Can” by Straight No Chaser
      3. News O' The Stupid!
      4. “Happy Christmas (War is Over) (Finland’s Got Talent Hand Fart Version)” by Antton Puonti

      Matt Griffo is at
      Straight No Chaser is at
      And Antton Puonti can be found on YouTube

        2016-12-12: Manic Mondays Episode 495

        495Comedy Music Advent Week 2
        [download]Ah, that spirit that keeps on spirit'ing! Mark your calendars, cuz this is week 2 of December we're in and your window for cheer is rapidly closing! Devo keeps the holidays rolling with more nog, less egg. No, we have zero idea what that's supposed to mean!

        1. “I Want A Blow Up Doll For Christmas” by Arnie Aardvark
        2. News of the Stupid!
        3. “The Smell of Christmas” by John Saylor
        4. “The Season” by Mikey Mason

        Arnie Aardvark, aka Eric Brown can be found at
        John Saylor can be found at,
        And Mikey Mason is at

          2016-12-05: Manic Mondays Episode 494

          494Easiest Comedy Advent Calendar Ever - Week 1
          [download]It's that time of the year, kiddies! Time to break out anything to do with jolly old elves, snow, reindeer and commercialism! It's also the time for new comedy music about all those things... and Star Wars... don't forget new Star Wars!

          1. “Andy the Amazon Android” by Rob Paravonian
          2. “N.O.E.L.” by Psychostick
          3. NEWZ OV THU STOOPED
          4. “Baby It’s Cold Outside (Hoth Version)” by Kirby Krackle featuring The Doubleclicks

          Rob Paravonian is at
          Psychostick is at
          Kirby Krackle is at, and The Doubleclicks are at

            2016-11-28: Manic Mondays Episode 493

            493It's Just Another Cyber Monday....
            [download]Well that was a nice Thanksgiving break, so before we go all Chrismakwanzakah (crap, forgot Boxing Day... sorry, Canada!) on your collective asses, Devo Spice just plays some random feel goods and even takes a request! And all this has ZERO to do with Cyber Monday! YAY!

            1. “Addicted to the Disco” by Sean Cullen
            2. “Straight Up Otter Time” by The Gothsicles
            3. News of the Stupid!
            4. “Carbonated Hamsters” by Worm Quartet

            Sean Cullen is at
            The Gothsicles are at
            And Worm Quartet is at Worm

              2016-11-21: Manic Mondays Episode 492

              492Getting Ready To Stuff Ourselves
              [download]Is it odd on Thanksgiving week that Devo Spice, even with that culinary name of his, didn't consciously acknowledge this week's episode consists of all food-linked songs? No. No it's not odd. It's DELICIOUS!

              1. “9 Dollar Cupcake” by Rob Paravonian
              2. “Soy Un Butterball” by Perch Theatre
              3. News Of The Nom-Nom
              4. “Pumpkin Spicemas” by Mikey Mason

              Rob Paravonian is at
              I think Perch Theater is at There is A Perch Theater there but I’m not sure it’s the same one.
              and Mikey Mason is at

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                2016-11-14: Manic Mondays Episode 491

                491In A Fowl Mood
                [download]This week we, erm, honor our President-elect in song, Devo Spice goes 1 on 2 on 1 on 1 with 2D6 (and whomever seems to be passing through), and Cheech & Chong get deported! Plus, Seamonkey seems to be in a fowl mood this week.

                1. “Trump” by Bob Rivers
                2. Interview with 2D6 at Con on the Cob
                3. “Sex Person” by 2D6
                4. Election 2016! No, sorry, meant to say, “News Of The Stupid!”
                5. “Born In East LA” by Cheech and Chong

                Bob Rivers is at
                2D6 is at
                Cheech and Chong are at
                and Shout-out to this week’s new backer on Patreon! - Mario Camou! Thanks!

                  2016-11-07: Manic Mondays Episode 490

                  490This One Doesn't Suck
                  [download]This week Devo Spice plays songs about not sucking and reviews an album that doesn't suck. I think he needs a new vacuum.

                  1. “The One That Doesn’t Suck So Bad” by Barry Mitchell
                  2. Dementia Breakdown: Review of the album, "I Feel Sicle" by The Gothsicles
                  3. “4 Fat Guys” by The Gothsicles
                  4. NEWS O' THE STOOPID
                  5. “We Don’t Suck Anymore” by Joey Busse

                  Barry Mitchell is at
                  The Gothsicles are at and their new album I Feel Sicle can be picked up at
                  and Joey Busse can be found at
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                  - "The Scope" which you can find at, and
                  - "Kristi Avery"

                    2016-10-31: Manic Mondays Episode 489

                    489The Scariest Time of the Year: MONDAY!
                    [download]There's only one thing creepier than the fact that it's Halloween... it's also MONDAY!!! (insert blood-curdling scream here)
                    This week, Devo Spice plays into your fears and gives you songs that are sure to make you shiver... from giggling!

                    1. “This is Halloween” by The Nightmare Before Christmas
                    2. “We’re All Gonna Die” by Insane Ian featuring Kiki Canon, Schaffer The Darklord, and Devo Spice
                    3. News of the FRIGHTENINGLY STUPID!
                    4. “Happy Halloween” by John Zacherle

                    The Nightmare Before Christmas is probably on Netflix or something!
                    Insane Ian is at
                    And Zacherle is at (
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