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2019-02-18: Manic Mondays Episode 609

609The Rover Is Gone So Focus On The Con
[download]The Mars rover Opportunity gave up the ghost in the machine recently, but one Mars thing that will never run out of steam is the MarsCon Dementia Track! YOUR Opportunity to pick up a copy of last year's recorded hijinks is at! While you purchase, enjoy a sampling of what you'll get by listening to this week's show!

1. "The Princess Bride" by The Library Bards
2. "The Perfect Parodist" by Power Salad featuring TV's Kyle
3. News of the Stupid!
4. "Piano Man Mad Lib" by Brentalfloss
5. "The Sound Check Song" by Devo Spice

The Library Bards are at
Power Salad is at
TV's Kyle is at TV'
Brentalfloss is at
Devo Spice is at

Pick up your copy of the MarsCon Dementia Track fundraiser album at Click on Shop to buy this year's compilation, or click on Past Fundraisers for previous year's compilations. You can get get all the previous compilations for just $100. That's 46 hours of music. That's just 3-1/2 cents a minute! Cheap!

    2019-02-11: Manic Mondays Episode 608

    608Liven Up The Place
    [download]This week's episode features not one, but TWO songs by FuMP artists with new live FuMPfest albums! Also, the nominees for the Logan Awards for excellence in comedy music have been announced and we feature one of the video finalists... uhhh, except just the audio... if you can see this podcast you'd better check your tap water!

    1. "Breakaway" by Carla Ulbrich
    2. "The Epic Video Game Medley" by Insane Ian
    3. News of the Stupid!
    4. "Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg" by Epic Rap Battles of History

    Carla Ulbrich is at and her new album is available at
    Insane Ian is at
    FuMPFest is now accepting early registrations at
    Epic Rap Battles of History are at
    and the Logan Awards are at

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      2019-02-04: Manic Mondays Episode 607

      607Pardon Our Language
      [download]On this week's episode the frigid weather is making people cuss, there's another song about that other F-word (i.e. the 27th State of the Union) and a porn lady sings! Also the Patriots won the Super Bowl which means other words will probably be flying around the office this morning, but even so, this show is a tad NSFW!

      1. "It's Fuckin' Cold Out Side" by Fortress of Attitude
      2. News of the Stupid!
      3. "Stupid Rap Battles 1: Frying Pan vs. Florida (Live at MarsCon 2018)" by Devo Spice featuring Insane Ian
      4. "I Don't Love You" by DeathMetalGF

      Fortress of Attitude are at Fortress of
      Devo Spice is at
      Insane Ian is at
      The MarsCon Dementia Fundraiser compilation is at
      and DeathMetalGF is at (NSFW!! NOT SAFE FOR WORK!)

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        2019-01-28: Manic Mondays Episode 606

        606The Almost Give Up 2019
        [download]It's less than a month into the new year and we kinda wanna go ahead and just shrug and give up already. But NO! What do we do when the apathy tries to set in? We listen to comedy songs! So lift your head high, un-crush that soul and let Devo Spice see you through another Monday. NSFW!

        1. "Shut Down 2019" by Steve Goodie
        2. "Ode to a Summer Retail Job" by The Doubleclicks
        3. News of the Stupid
        4. "I've No More ... to Give" by Thomas Benjamin Wild, Esq
        5. Bonus: "I Believe That I'm High" by WaneFawsome

        Steve Goodie is at
        The Doubleclicks are at
        Thomas Benjamin Wild, Esq is at
        WaneFawsome is on YouTube

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          2019-01-21: Manic Mondays Episode 605

          605Government Cheezberders
          [download]The US government is still shut down and it's still a Monday, but don't let it get you down! We're here to provide a bit of levity in these crazy times! We'll totally distract you with songs ABOUT the government shutdown, women aging gracefully and that perfect nerdy girl! There, I forgot all about everything!

          1. "Government Shutdown Song" by Owern Benjamin
          2. "Middle Aged Woman" by Donita Smith
          3. News of the Stupid!
          4. "Love Song for a Fangirl" by Jeff Whitmire

          Owen Benjamin is at
          Donita Smith is at
          and Jeff Whitmire is at

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            2019-01-14: Manic Mondays Episode 604

            604Natural Wonders With Stipulations
            [download]On this episode we get a dose of Canadian windshield woe with a new Arrogant Worms song, a song of true love with a caveat, and this year's Marscon Guest of Honor tells Sir Isaac Newton to stuff it!

            1. "Ice Scraper" by The Arrogant Worms
            2. "Unless There's a Game On" by The Belle Isle Rats
            3. News of the Stupid!
            4. "Gravity Is Stupid" by Devo Spice

            The Arrogant Worms are at
            The Belle Isle Rats are at
            and Devo Spice is at

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              2019-01-07: Manic Mondays Episode 603

              603Please Do The Needful
              [download]On this week's episode we make a resolution for 2019 to do the needful! So, this week we are giving you what you need, i.e. a lady's perspective on the Trump wall, a little oral exam, a Horrible Movie Review of Bird Box, and the song that gave us this year's theme! Manic Mondays: It's not necessarily what you want, but we're pleased to do the needful! Has a nice ring to it.

              1. "Edifice Complex by Lauren Mayer"
              2. News of the Stupid
              3. "Please Do the Needful" by Sanjay Manaktala
              4. Horrible Movie Review: Bird Box
              5. "Summer of LXIX" by Bad Beth and Beyond

              Lauren Mayer is at
              Sanjay Manaktala is at
              and Bad Beth and Beyond is at

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                2018-12-31: Manic Mondays Episode 602

                602End of the Year Blockbusters
                [download]In this final episode of 2018, Devo Spice pops some corn and busts out the block with songs about Aquaman's Jason Mamoa, that lovable techs-mechs Bumblebee, a tribute to Penny Marshall, and the Top 3 N.O.T.S. stories of the year! IN STEREO!

                1. "Hey There Momoa" by Jeff Whitmire
                2. News of the Stupid!
                3. "Bumblebee Is a Volkswagon" by MEGATHRUSTER
                4. News of the Stupid 2018 Countdown!
                5. "The Look" by Lenny and Laverne

                Jeff Whitmire is at
                Megathruster is at
                and Penny Marshall is in a better place where she'll never have to deal with Mondays again.

                Thank you to our Patreon backers for helping make this show possible!

                  2018-12-24: Manic Mondays Episode 601

                  601A Very Inclusive Christmas
                  [download]It's Christmas Eve and no matter how YOU celebrate the holiday we are striving to be as inclusive as possible! So if you love demons, elf porn, or just f---ing hate Christmas, we've got you covered! NSFW (we covered that, too!)

                  1. "Krampus the Demon" by The Courtesan and the Cabin Boy
                  2. "Sweet Elfin Love" by Mikey Mason
                  3. News of the Stupid
                  4. "Ho Ho Fucking Ho" by Monty Python

                  The Courtesan and the Cabin Boy are at
                  Mikey Mason is at
                  and Monty Python is at

                  Thank you to our Patreon backers for helping make this show possible!

                    2018-12-17: Manic Mondays Episode 600

                    600A Merry Milestone
                    [download]It's (drum roll)... EPISODE 600!!! YAY! (Insert imagined fanfare here)
                    So what does that mean? Well, nothing really, I mean, it's only a number. But in this episode we go to the craft shop, learn about all the cool sh-- JB wants for Xmas, and deny paternity! PLUS, a very special retrospective on how this whole podcasting thing got started in the first place. Buckle down for story time, kids!

                    1. "Hobby Lobby Christmas" by Pony Death Ride
                    2. News of the Stupid!
                    3. "Things I Want" by Sum 41 and Tenacious D
                    4. Story Time - The MM-petus
                    5. "Please, I'm Not Your Dad" by MC Cone

                    Pony Death Ride is at
                    Sum 41 is at and Tenacious D is at
                    and MC Cone is at

                    Thank you to our Patreon backers for helping make this show possible! The Seamonkey On The Street Comedy Music Interview Series Number 5 with Chris Mezzolesta of Power Salad is coming to Patreon backers THIS WEEK! Merry Holidaze!