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2018-05-14: Manic Mondays Episode 569

569It's DUCK Season!
[download]If there is one thing we can count on in America currently it is that ridiculous is the new normal! So like that classic cartoon we deny loudly that it is NOT indeed wabbit season it's duck season, as we point the muzzle of the shotgun at our own face and open fire!

1. "Rudy and the Beast" by Randy Rainbow
2. "Fighting for Bottom" by The Shanty Shipwreck Show
3. News of the Stupid!
4. "FCC Song (2018 Version)" by Eric Idle

Randy Rainbow is at
The Shanty Shipwreck Show are on Facebook at
Eric Idle is at

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    2018-05-07: Manic Mondays Episode 568

    568The Show Show
    [download]This week's show is, well, all for show as we discuss, in song, ornamental pockets, stand-in commanding and actually caring! Let the posturing commence!

    1. “I’m Not Glad to See You Either” by S. Ross
    2. “Now You Have the Bridge, Spock” by the Library Bards
    3. News of the Stupid!
    4. “I.G.A.F” by Steve, the Anxious Rapper

    S. Ross is on YouTube (search for Snuggie Kazooist),
    The Library Bards are at
    and Steve is at

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      2018-04-30: Manic Mondays Episode 567

      567The Porcelain God of Thunder
      [download]This weekend gave us the new Avengers movie and while this show celebrates that up front, the rest is in the toilet!

      1. “The Marvel Bunch” by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
      2. “Words That Sound Dirty, But They Ain’t” by Steve Goodie
      3. News of the Stupid!
      4. “Glory Hole” by Bad Teenage Moustache
      BONUS: “Gotta Potty” by Bobby Jimmy and the Critters

      The Tonight Show is at
      Steve Goodie is at
      and Bad Teenage Moustache is at

        2018-04-23: Manic Mondays Episode 566

        566The Day the Music Birthed
        [download]It's been 32 years since the REAL birth of Comedy Rap music, as it was on this day in 1986 that Sudden Death was conceived! Wait a second... that means we have to actually wait 9 more months for the birth, so this is more of a celebration of when Comedy and Rap had sex! We supplement with a FuMPfest artist highlight and the most redundant country song we could find. Bone away.

        1. “Blood, Guts, and Boobs” by Sudden Death
        2. “Gas Station Disc Jockey” by Power Salad
        3. News of the Stupid!
        4. “Parked Out by the Lake” by Dean Summerwind

        Sudden Death is at
        Power Salad is at
        and Dean Summerwind is at

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          2018-04-16: Manic Mondays Episode 565

          565These Meddling Kids
          [download]This week Devo gives a special birthday shout out, a FuMPfest artist gets all majestic about Scooby-Doo, and we listen to the next Monster Hit Record!

          1. “Happy Birthday (New Version)” by “Weird Al” Yankovic
          2. “ScoobyThulhu” by Mikey Mason
          3. News of the STUPID!
          4. “Monster Hit Record” by Kenny Young and the Eggplants

          Weird Al Yankovic is at
          Mikey Mason is at
          And Kenny Young and the Eggplants are at

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            2018-04-09: Manic Mondays Episode 564

            564Poor Unfortunate Coke-Heads
            [download]This week we bask in the glory of a brilliant new parody by Whitney Avalon and profile Matt Griffo and his butt for FuMPFest!

            1. “Poor Unfortunate Souls (Harry Potter Style)” by Whitney Avalon
            2. “Butt Stuff” by Matt Griffo
            3. News of the Stupid
            4. “Fluffy” by Fred Schneider

            Whitney Avalon is at
            Matt Griffo is at
            And Dr. Demento Covered in Punk can be found at

            Don't forget to register for FuMPFest at!

              2018-04-02: Manic Mondays Episode 563

              563The Yolk is on You
              [download]This year it was Easter and April Fool's Day... AT THE SAME TIME! Which is why we woke up yesterday telling kids that some giant, magical bunny hid colorful eggs for them to find! That worked out nicely!

              1. “Crazy Easter Bunny Song” by Mr. Safety
              2. “Catnipped Kitty” by Marc Gunn
              3. News of the Stupid
              4. “Storm’s Blues” by Paul and Storm

              Mr. Safety is at
              Marc Gunn is at,
              And Paul and Storm are at

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                2018-03-26: Manic Mondays Episode 562

                562On the Port Side
                [download]In this week's episode we deport good citizens, report on a FuMPfest artist, and teleport with a Doctor Who song, while we drink imported port portions through an important portal.

                1. “I.C.E. I.C.E. Baby” by Katie Goodman
                2. “Overnight Success (After 38 Years)” by Lauren Mayer
                3. News of the Stupid!
                4. “Know Your Doctors” by Amanda Cohen

                Katie Goodman is at
                Lauren Mayer is at
                And Amanda Cohen is at

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                  2018-03-19: Manic Mondays Episode 561

                  561The Good Lube
                  [download]This week Devo profiles FuMPfest artist Bill Larkin as Psychostick unleashes some pent-up feelings and we try not to bawl at the end of the Toys R Us era.

                  1. “From the Heart (I Hate You)” by Psychostick
                  2. “My TV Theme” by Bill Larkin
                  3. News Of The Stupid!!
                  4. “Toys R Us Jingle (Minor Key Version)” by Chase Holfelder

                  Psychostick is at
                  Bill Larkin is at
                  and Chase Holfelder is at

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                    2018-03-12: Manic Mondays Episode 560

                    560FuMPfest 2018 Preview Number One
                    [download]Oh boy, urine for a treat! Like a soft, golden, shower of comedy music we bring you this week's episode which highlights two of the artists performing at FuMPfest 2018! You really gotta go... BAD! You'll be totally pissed if you miss it, this lineup is number one! Oh, and we play a song about pee, too.

                    1. “The Pee Song” by Redd Butts
                    2. “Rabbit Valley” by The Four Postmen
                    3. News of the Stupid
                    4. “Time to Learn Tetanus Trombone.” by 2d6

                    Redd Butt’s music is available on Amazon
                    The Four Postmen are at
                    and 2d6 are at

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