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2020-04-20: Manic Mondays Episode 670

670That COVID Life
[download]On this week's episode Devo explores the reality of that COVID life and how creative (or not) we've all been this past month and the courage it takes just to get groceries!

1. "Dr. Seuss Raps over Dr. Dre Beats" by Wes Tank
2. "What I Should Be Doing" by Bill Larkin
3. News of the Stupid
4. "When Gramma Braved the Line at Costco" by Lauren Mayer

Wes Tank is on YouTube, just google him
Bill Larkin is at
and Lauren Mayer is at

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    2020-04-13: Manic Mondays Episode 669

    669Cadburied, or, Tough Brachs - Pandemic Easter 2020 Edition
    [download]For a lot of us this Easter came and went with nary a colored egg, plastic blade of grass, or over-cologne'd handshake from that one deacon at your church... and you can tell by this episode's track list! Not a bunny in sight nor a whiff of chocolate!
    However, we do have some sweet tracks by TV's Kyle, Power Salad and Psychostick, plus we've hidden a couple of special Easter eggs at the end of the show so we can take you to church proper in these pandemic times! Thanks Easter Bunny, bawk bawk!

    1. "Walk Like a Walk Guy" by TV's Kyle
    2. "Sleep Shirt" by Power Salad
    3. News of the Stupid!
    4. "We Ran Out of CD Space Live" by Psychostick
    Bonus Easter Eggs:
    "Kenneth Copeland's Wind of God Remix" and "The Judgement of Covid 19 Metal Remix" by WTFBrahh

    TV's Kyle is at,
    Power Salad is at,
    Psychostick is at
    and WTFBrahh is at

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    Mini Nifty!

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      2020-04-06: Manic Mondays Episode 668

      668Aural Distancing
      [download]This week we social distance a bit and play only one song about the COVID-19 pandemic... though reading the titles of this week's featured songs kind of describes our last month here in America!

      1. "Hey There Corona" by The Kiffness
      2. "Raining Lobsters" by Bill McClintock
      3. News of the Stupid!
      4. "We Probably Should've Discussed This Beforehand" by Mighty Magiswords

      The Kiffness is at
      Bill McClintock is on YouTube, just google him
      and Mighty Magiswords is at

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        2020-03-30: Manic Mondays Episode 667

        667Rona To The Cor
        [download]It's always been "laughter", but now we may have to change the saying to, "DISTANCE is the best medicine!" This week's episode is, yep, you guessed it, alllllll about the 'Rona! It's almost like we have been forced to stay indoors and think of nothing else. So here are 3 songs to make sure your thoughts aren't straying.

        1. "I Believe I'm in Quarantine" by Lords of the Trident
        2. "One Week of COVID-19" by Pepper Coyote
        3. News of the Stupid!
        4. "Everything Is Cancelled" by Devo Spice

        Lords of the Trident are at
        Pepper Coyote is at
        and Devo Spice is at

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          2020-03-23: Manic Mondays Episode 666

          666The Most Non Satan Yet Still Evil 666 Show Ever
          [download]This week is Episode 666, which is evident due to the pandemic unleashed upon our planet! I mean, why WOULDN'T it be that these two things converge so perfectly? Could it be because... GOD HATES COMEDY MUSICIANS?!?!?!? Enjoy your heathen music, sinners!

          1. "COVID-19" by Sam Chaplin
          2. DEMENTIA BREAKDOWN: "The LOUD Album" by Carla Ulbrich
          3. "Fat Elvis" by Carla Ulbrich
          4. News of the INFECTED! Ok... STUPID.
          5. "House Husband" by Sneer

          Sam Chaplin is at
          Carla Ulbrich is at, or, same place,
          and Sneer is at

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            2020-03-16: Manic Mondays Episode 665

            665No Pinching This Year
            [download]It's St. Patrick's Day!! The day when we all don something green and congregate to share pitchers of green beer and pinch the bejeezus out of the poor souls without anything green on!
            Ah who are we kidding? It's just another CORONAVIRUS day, we're all staying in, everyone blowing their nose is praying they DON'T see green, and for god's sake no pinching... DO NOT TOUCH ME!! Happy St. Paddy's, everyone!

            1. "There's Plenty of Toilet Paper for Everyone" by Lauren Mayer
            2. "Fluffy's Master Plan for World Domination 2.0" by Amy Engelhardt
            3. News of the Covid!
            4. "Green Beer" by Duck Logic

            Lauren Mayer is at
            Amy Engelhardt is at
            and Duck Logic is at

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              2020-03-09: Manic Mondays Episode 664

              66450 Scent
              [download]This week Devo Spice is back fresh from another successful Marscon while Seamonkey is nursing a sore body from miniature golf and a single go-kart ride! What a difference the big 5-0 makes! Speaking of Five-Oh, we should have the cops called on us for playing another version of Old Town Road, but we redeem ourselves with some Tony Goldmark on Luke Ski. You're welcome for that mental image.

              1. "The Big Five-O" by Doodoo Wah
              2. "Ghost Town Road" by Watt White
              3. News of the Stupid!
              4. "You Don't Know Jack" by Tony Goldmark

              Doodoo Wah is at
              Watt White is at
              and Tony Goldmark is at

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                2020-03-02: Manic Mondays Episode 663

                663The Sam Polkinghorne Show
                [download]Sam Polkinghorne fills in for Devo Spice while Devo is off partying at MarsCon.

                  2020-02-24: Manic Mondays Episode 662

                  662Thems the Breaks
                  [download]On this week's episode, Lauren Mayer breaks down climate change, Harley Quinn breaks some faces and old dudes break various things rocking out! We guess them's just the breaks!

                  1. "Yet Another Song Explaining Cold Weather Doesn't Disprove Climate Change" by Lauren Mayer
                  2. "Harley Quinn and Birds of Prey Princess Rap Battle" by Whitney Avalon
                  3. News of the Stupid!
                  4. "Grandpa Metal" by Brian Posehn

                  Lauren Mayer is at
                  Whitney Avalon is at
                  and Brian Posehn is at

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                    2020-02-17: Manic Mondays Episode 661

                    661Happy Mandalorians Day
                    [download]Happy Mandalorian's Day, everyone! Ok, so that's not a thing... but it SHOULD be! It could replace a couple of these "lesser" holidays, just with the perfect Star Wars twist! While all the songs on this week's show are definitely NOT about the hit Disney Plus show, all of the song titles could probably apply. So happy Mandalorian's Day to you and yours... it is the way.

                    1. "Crime After Crime" by Now This News
                    2. "Overly Enthusiastic Love" by New Middle Class
                    3. News of the Stupid
                    4. "Big Mandalorian Iron" by Funk Turkey

                    Now This News is at
                    New Middle Class is at
                    and Funk Turkey is at

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