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2019-01-07: Manic Mondays Episode 603

603Please Do The Needful
[download]On this week's episode we make a resolution for 2019 to do the needful! So, this week we are giving you what you need, i.e. a lady's perspective on the Trump wall, a little oral exam, a Horrible Movie Review of Bird Box, and the song that gave us this year's theme! Manic Mondays: It's not necessarily what you want, but we're pleased to do the needful! Has a nice ring to it.

1. "Edifice Complex by Lauren Mayer"
2. News of the Stupid
3. "Please Do the Needful" by Sanjay Manaktala
4. Horrible Movie Review: Bird Box
5. "Summer of LXIX" by Bad Beth and Beyond

Lauren Mayer is at
Sanjay Manaktala is at
and Bad Beth and Beyond is at

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    2018-12-31: Manic Mondays Episode 602

    602End of the Year Blockbusters
    [download]In this final episode of 2018, Devo Spice pops some corn and busts out the block with songs about Aquaman's Jason Mamoa, that lovable techs-mechs Bumblebee, a tribute to Penny Marshall, and the Top 3 N.O.T.S. stories of the year! IN STEREO!

    1. "Hey There Momoa" by Jeff Whitmire
    2. News of the Stupid!
    3. "Bumblebee Is a Volkswagon" by MEGATHRUSTER
    4. News of the Stupid 2018 Countdown!
    5. "The Look" by Lenny and Laverne

    Jeff Whitmire is at
    Megathruster is at
    and Penny Marshall is in a better place where she'll never have to deal with Mondays again.

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      2018-12-24: Manic Mondays Episode 601

      601A Very Inclusive Christmas
      [download]It's Christmas Eve and no matter how YOU celebrate the holiday we are striving to be as inclusive as possible! So if you love demons, elf porn, or just f---ing hate Christmas, we've got you covered! NSFW (we covered that, too!)

      1. "Krampus the Demon" by The Courtesan and the Cabin Boy
      2. "Sweet Elfin Love" by Mikey Mason
      3. News of the Stupid
      4. "Ho Ho Fucking Ho" by Monty Python

      The Courtesan and the Cabin Boy are at
      Mikey Mason is at
      and Monty Python is at

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        2018-12-17: Manic Mondays Episode 600

        600A Merry Milestone
        [download]It's (drum roll)... EPISODE 600!!! YAY! (Insert imagined fanfare here)
        So what does that mean? Well, nothing really, I mean, it's only a number. But in this episode we go to the craft shop, learn about all the cool sh-- JB wants for Xmas, and deny paternity! PLUS, a very special retrospective on how this whole podcasting thing got started in the first place. Buckle down for story time, kids!

        1. "Hobby Lobby Christmas" by Pony Death Ride
        2. News of the Stupid!
        3. "Things I Want" by Sum 41 and Tenacious D
        4. Story Time - The MM-petus
        5. "Please, I'm Not Your Dad" by MC Cone

        Pony Death Ride is at
        Sum 41 is at and Tenacious D is at
        and MC Cone is at

        Thank you to our Patreon backers for helping make this show possible! The Seamonkey On The Street Comedy Music Interview Series Number 5 with Chris Mezzolesta of Power Salad is coming to Patreon backers THIS WEEK! Merry Holidaze!

          2018-12-10: Manic Mondays Episode 599

          599An Orange Christmas
          [download]On this week's episode we get deeper into the Christmas spirit and send you deeper into season's insanity! Classic cartoon voices, something that sounds like Nick Cave had a bad taco, and nonsensical curse words! Plus, News of the Stupid will have you wanting to kiss underneath the cameltoe.

          1. "Blue Christmas" by No Hope for Humanity
          2. "House Tickle Pfeiffer" by Schaffer the Darklord
          3. News of the Stupid
          4. "The Hat I Got for Christmas Is Too Big" by Mel Blanc

          No Hope for Humanity is at
          Schaffer The Darklord is at Schaffer the
          and Mel Blanc can be found in all your favorite classic cartoons

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            2018-12-03: Manic Mondays Episode 598

            598Holiday Spirit: The Maxi-Pad Martini
            [download]On this episode we really get in the spirit of things as we start to pummel you with holiday music! The good news? It's not by Wham or Mariah Carey, nor do we have that hippo song or Italian donkey song! Oh, and about the title... guess you'll just have to listen to News of the Stupid!

            1. "Dog Mom Holiday Anthem" by T-Spoon featuring ZZ Tophalf
            2. "Booze, Boobs, Blood, & Blow" by Smashy Claw
            3. News of the Stupid
            4. "Santa Claus' Files Have Been Hacked by the NSA" by Funny Once

            Katie Haller is at
            Smashy Claw is at
            and Funny Once is at

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              2018-11-26: Manic Mondays Episode 597

              597Our Yearly Friend
              [download]Yes folks, it's "that time of the year" again! Our yearly month-long friend has almost arrived in his big red suit, so grab your heating pad and get the pain reliever and egg nog handy cuz this isn't Aunt Flo, it's Saint Ho Ho Ho! In this episode we celebrate the "season", get princess rap bitchy, and sound the horn to signal that cramp-us is about to set in!

              1. "The Season" by Mikey Mason
              2. "DOROTHY vs ALICE: Princess Rap Battle" by Whitney Avalon
              3. News of the Stupid!
              4. "Beep Beep" by The Playmates

              Mikey Mason is at
              Whitney Avalon is at
              and The Playmates can be found on outlets like Amazon!

              Shout-outs to this week's new backers on Patreon! - Sean Ennis! Thanks Sean!

                2018-11-19: Manic Mondays Episode 596

                596Stan By The Man
                [download]This week we pay tribute to that creator of comic crusaders, Stan Lee. 'Nuff said.

                1. "Peter Parker" by the great Luke Ski featuring Devo Spice
                2. "Ode to a Super Hero" by 'Weird Al' Yankovic
                3. News of the Stupid
                4. "Iron Man" by Insane Ian

                The great Luke Ski is at
                Weird Al Yankovic is at
                and Insane Ian is at

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                  2018-11-12: Manic Mondays Episode 595

                  595Thanksgiving Shmanskshmiving
                  [download]For this week's episode we go ahead and acknowledge the start of the "Holiday Season" (though no one's taking actual holidays). Sorry, Thanksgiving! I mean, we love your food, but families being forced together with no gift getting isn't worth another over-stuffed eatfest. Speaking of, Devo ends the show with a family song! That should suffice. Now to get in the attic and untangle those lights!

                  1. "Suddenly It's Christmas" by Loudon Wainwright III
                  2. "Work for Me" by Consortium of Genius
                  3. News of the Stupid
                  4. "Father & Son" by Flight of the Conchords

                  Loudon Wainwright III is at
                  Consortium of Genius is at Consortium of
                  and Flight of the Conchords are at

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                    2018-11-05: Manic Mondays Episode 594

                    594Spooky Part 2
                    [download]Halloween is over, but that doesn't stop us from serving up MORE scary treats!! Like... helping people MOVE! MUAHAHAHA!!
                    The newest movie in the Halloween series that apparently ISN'T A SERIES! BOO!
                    And... VOTING! ... Wait, voting isn't scary... I mean, the current administration is, so... AAAAAAAAIIIIIEEEEEE!!! Blood curdling, isn't it?

                    1. “Moving Day” by Psychostick
                    2. “Michael Myers Sings a Song” by Aaron Fraser-Nash
                    3. News of the Stupid!
                    4. “Vote Goddammit” by Steve Goodie

                    Psychostick is at
                    Aaron Fraser-Nash is on Twitter @frasernash
                    and Steve Goodie is at

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