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2017-05-15: Manic Mondays Episode 517

517Mmm Peach
[download]Songs with shades of the Nixon presidency, over-indulgent urges and some crazy kid running around in his underwear! No, it's not the Trump Legacy (#ummactually) it's this week's episode!

1. "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Nixon" by Timm McCoy
2. "Candybars" by the great Luke Ski
4. "Theme to Captain Underpants" by Weird Al Yankovic

Timm McCoy is at,
The great Luke Ski is at
And Weird Al Yankovic is at
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    2017-05-08: Manic Mondays Episode 516

    516Frying the Friendly Skies
    [download]This week Steve Goodie roasts a popular (?) airline, we highlight FuMPfest artist The Gothsicles' friendliest song ever and Devo gets inspiration from News of the Stupid and plays a classic Monty Python ear-worm! Plus, this week our Patreon backers at the $5 level get an exclusive interview with Robert Lund conducted by Seamonkey where they get near-Oprah level!

    1. “Beaten on a Jet Plane” by Steve Goodie
    2. “Theme from Friends (I’ll Be There for You)” by The Gothsicles
    3. News Of The Stupid!
    4. “I Like Traffic Lights” by Monty Python

    Steve Goodie is at
    The Gothsicles are at
    And Monty Python are at
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      2017-05-01: Manic Mondays Episode 515

      515Nuclear Smashy Crap!
      [download]On this week's episode Devo Spice apologizes for not Googling last week's artists enough, then gives us a FuMPfest preview of 2 artists that promise to join forces into 1 show... and the title of this episode is born!

      1. “I’ve Never Seen Breaking Bad” by Whitney Avalon
      2. News Of The Stupid
      3. “Sharktopus” by Nuclear Bubble Wrap
      4. “CHOMPCHOMPCHOMP” by Smashy Claw

      Whitney Avalon is at
      Nuclear Bubble Wrap is at
      And Smashy Claw is at

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        2017-04-24: Manic Mondays Episode 514

        514The Frightening Episode
        [download]Ok, so this show is not scary. Like, not at all. But this week we are featuring some pretty frightening stuff... monsters, ladybosses, and Bad Teenage Moustaches! CREEEEEPY!

        1. “Every Country Has a Monster” by Mystery Science Theater 3000
        2. “Ladyboss” by Rachel Bloom
        3. News Of The Stupid!
        4. “Jesus Time” by Bad Teenage Moustache

        The new Mystery Science Theater season can be found on Netflix.
        Rachel Bloom is at
        And Bad Teenage Moustache can be found at

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        Our News of the Stupid Australian Correspondent, Ian Morgan!! Thanks, Ian!

          2017-04-17: Manic Mondays Episode 513

          513It's All Fantasy
          [download]This week's episode helps you dream away all those hard-boiled stomach woes from Easter weekend! Songs (sorta) about Easter, California dreamin' and the only Doctor you'll hear about on this show! Let the fantasizing begin!

          1. “Peter Gothentail” by the Arrogant Worms
          2. “L.A. Dream”
          3. News Of The STUPID!
          4. “Doctor Who” by Insane Ian

          The Arrogant Worms are at
          Henry Phillips is at
          and Insane Ian is at

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            2017-04-10: Manic Mondays Episode 512

            512Something Old, Something New, and Something Regenerated
            [download]On this week's episode Devo Spice unearths an old Beastie side project, plays a new Red Peters song, and regenerates with the Library Bards... thus the show title, duh!

            1. “Regeneration” by the Library Bards
            2. News Of The Stupid!
            3. “Sloppy Drunks” by Country Mike
            4. “Let’s All Tweet” by Red Peters
            5. BONUS: “The Half-Wit” by Country Mike

            The Library Bards are at Library
            There’s no official web site for Country Mike, but you can find copies of that release in various shady corners of the internet.
            And Red Peters is at

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              2017-04-03: Manic Mondays Episode 511

              511Politically Correct/Not Correct
              [download]This week Devo highlights political correctness... then promptly sticks his middle finger up at it!

              1. “I Wanna Rock (Socially Responsibly)” by Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction
              2. News of the STUPID!!!
              3. “Fuck the Neighbors” by Iron Reagan
              4. “I Saw Your Daughter in a Porno” by Tom Tuerff

              Phil Johnson is at
              Iron Reagan is at
              And Tom Tuerff’s music can be found on CDBaby and iTunes


                2017-03-27: Manic Mondays Episode 510

                510Going Green for Spring!
                [download]Manic Mondays is going green... meaning we're RECYCLING! YAAAAY! So what does that mean for the show, you ask? Well that means you get all brand spanking new renditions of stuff that existed before, i.e. RECYCLED. All this plus "Bad Advice with Devo Spice" and "News of the Stupid". You're welcome, Earth.

                1. “All About that Space” by Library Bards
                2. Bad Advice with Devo Spice!: Tax Returns!
                3. “Deadpool Musical” by Deadpool Said
                4. N.O.T.S.
                5. “Heh. That’s Actually Hilarious. (Live at FuMPfest 2016)” by 2D6

                The Library Bards are at
                That Deadpool thing is at
                And 2D6 is at

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                  2017-03-20: Manic Mondays Episode 509

                  509In a Pinch
                  [download]This week's episode puts on the pinch with everything from getting busted by your appliance, to St. Patrick's Day, to even the good kind of crotch headlock! Plus News of the Stupid featuring a story from Seamonkey's hometown. Go figure.

                  1. “Microwaves (Are Watching You)” by Randy Rainbow
                  2. “The Sunday After The Saturday Immediately Following The Actual Calendar Date of Saint Patrick's Day (Drunken Singalong Version)”
                  3. News of the STUPID!
                  4. “Sit on my Face” by Matt Griffo

                  Randy Rainbow is at
                  Mikey Mason is at
                  and Matt Griffo is at

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                    2017-03-13: Manic Mondays Episode 508

                    508(almost) Spring Fresh!
                    [download]New comedy music is proliferating forth like it's Spring or something. Well TOO BAD, you have to wait another week before it's Spring... buuuuuut we need to put a show out so we ain't waitin' to SPRING these new diddies on you! See what we did there? This comedy is FRESH!

                    1. “Electric Shock” by TV’s Kyle
                    2. “Hulk!” by Insane Ian
                    3. NEWS OF THE STUPID!
                    4. “Dwayne” by The Arrogant Worms

                    TV’s Kyle is at
                    Insane Ian is at
                    And The Arrogant Worms are at
                    Shout-out to this week’s new backers on Patreon! Jered Perez!