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2019-06-10: Manic Mondays Episode 625

625Could You Repeat That
[download]On this week's episode Devo Spice shares his thoughts on mumble-rap and highlights two artists appearing at FuMPfest 2019, featuring a song where two girls sing about partying solo and a cheeky classic we can all get behind! Go to for more info while you listen!

1. "Mumbling" by Jake Dewar
2. "Afterparty for One" by The Doubleclicks
3. News of the Stupid
4. "I Wanna Kiss Her (But She Won't Let Me)" by Tim Cavanagh

Jake Dewar is at
The Doubleclicks are at
and Tim Cavanagh is at

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    2019-06-03: Manic Mondays Episode 624

    624How To Feel Better
    [download]We offer this show as a way to get through the existential dread that is waking up on a Monday morning! There are other ways to make yourself feel better... learn a new dance, mock your adversaries in song, or just focus on the pain. Here are a few ditties to help you do just that!

    1. "Do the Necronomicon" by Evil Dead: The Musical Original Cast
    2. "Snub the Californians" by 2d6
    3. News of the STUPID
    4. "I Only Feel It When It Hurts (Longer Than Album Version)" by TV's Kyle

    The Evil Dead Musical Soundtrack can be found on Amazon
    2d6 is at
    and TV's Kyle is at and be sure to support him on Kickstarter at

      2019-05-27: Manic Mondays Episode 623

      623In Memoriam To Taste
      [download]For a majority of Americans (we have absolutely no evidence to back that up) today is a no-work holiday as we remember those fallen in combat and pay tribute by, according to this week's playlist, dancing a polka jig, hitting puberty with bra ads, and grilling up some very questionable Krabby Patties. We thank you for your sacrifice.

      1. "No Work Today" by Brave Combo
      2. "Mother's Sears And Roebuck Catalog/With A Little Help From The Twins" by The Boobles
      3. News of the Stupid!
      4. "The Silence of the Sponge" by Green Jelly

      Brave Combo is at
      The Boobles are at
      and Green Jelly is at

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        2019-05-20: Manic Mondays Episode 622

        622How To Use Your Cell Phone at New York Comedy Music Fest 2019
        [download]On this week's show Devo Spice sneaks us into the Friar's Club (no jacket required) and lets us hear some of the great acts from this year's New York Comedy Music Fest! I don't know what kind of hearing a fly has, they're more known for their eyes, but climb on the nearest wall, regurgitate on a snack, and be the fly at NYCMF!

        1. "Office Speak" by Saunty Yubear
        2. "Driving with Grandpa" by Rob Paravonian
        3. Nuze Uv Tha Stuuped
        4. "Put It in my Butt" by Jess Feeney

        Saunt YĆ¼bear is at
        Rob Paravonian is at
        and Jess Feeney is on Twitter @justfeeney

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          2019-05-13: Manic Mondays Episode 621

          621One Mother of a Show
          [download]Yesterday was Mother's Day and while all the cards and flowers were nice, today's show has more of what mom wants, from affirmations of her wisdom to healing from those childhood scars to her own personal shaving marmot! Next year save money on the expensive lunch and birthstone necklace and play her this show instead! Go ahead... try it... she brought you into this world and....

          1. "Sometimes Mother Really Does Know Best" by Christine Lavin
          2. "Show Me on the Doll" by Bad Beth and Beyond
          3. News of the Stupid
          4. "Shaving Desires" by Devo Spice

          Christine Lavin is at
          Bad Beth and Beyond is at
          and Devo Spice is at

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            2019-05-06: Manic Mondays Episode 620

            620A Timeline More Confusing Than Endgame
            [download]In this episode we look to the past for some newly released stuff, look forward to something else by playing something released in the past about a future date, and then disappear off the face of the earth. Kinda like the newest Avengers movie.

            1. "Hello Muddah Hello Faddah (Sands Version)" by Allan Sherman
            2. "Spiders and Rain" by Jessica Delfino
            3. News of the Stupid!
            4. "Charlie and the TSA" by Steve Goodie and Andy Corwin

            Allan Sherman Live at the Sands is available on all your favorite streaming platforms.
            Jessica Delfino is at
            The New York Comedy Music Festival is taking place May 17th thru 19th, visit for details,
            The Madam Opus compilation of Funny Songs by Funny Women is on sale for just $9.99 this month. Pick up your copy at,
            Steve Goodie is at,
            Andy Corwin is at,
            and together the two of them are Actual Size, which you can find at

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              2019-04-29: Manic Mondays Episode 619

              619No Spoilers Except Netfilx
              [download]If you were one of the few people on Earth who did NOT see Avengers Endgame this weekend then don't worry, this episode is completely SPOILER FREE! Except if you've been wanting to see the Netflix film "The Silence". With that one you're screwed in our "Horrible Movie Review" segment. But, aside from that, in this episode we pay tribute to the Avengers and we don't want you to bottle up those feelings either.

              1. "Hey Marvel" by Michael William Hunter
              2. Horrible Movie Review - The Silence
              3. "Bottle It Up" by Chris Tavener
              4. News of the Stupid!
              5. "We Didn't Start the Fire" by The Cast of The Avengers

              Michael William Hunter is the host of the Weird Alphabet podcast at, and that song will be on The FuMP tomorrow,
              Chris Tavener is on Twitter @ChrisTavener,
              and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon airs on NBC every night at 11:35, EST.

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                2019-04-22: Manic Mondays Episode 618

                618Deviled Eggs
                [download]In case you didn't find all the hidden eggs this Easter, we're here to toss a few into your basket... you know, the ones that sat out all day and overnight. Mmmmmm!

                1. "Seven Kingdom Army" by The White Walkers
                2. "The Easter Song" by Paul and Storm
                3. News of the Stupid!
                4. "I'm Not Afraid of Zombies" by Rob Paravonian

                The White Walkers are a fictional band created by The Merkins, the same guys who did that Slash Street Boys parody a while back. Just google The Merkins and you'll find them.
                Paul and Storm are at,
                and Rob Paravonian is at

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                  2019-04-15: Manic Mondays Episode 617

                  617Things That Suck for 200 Alex
                  [download]Every theme in this show sucks so much it could be a Jeopardy category!

                  1. "I Only Do my Taxes when I Drink" by Bill Shipper
                  2. "Supermassive Black Hole" by Richard Cheese
                  3. News of the Stupid!
                  4. "Dumb Girls with Big Boobs" by Afterbirth Monkey

                  Bill Shipper is at
                  Richard Cheese is at
                  And Afterbirth Monkey are at

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                    2019-04-08: Manic Mondays Episode 616

                    616All Up In The Business
                    [download]On this week's show we invade your privacy, from excessive paparazzi, to odd superhero butt stuff, to surgically altered junk (the man kind)! We's all up in tha bidness!

                    1. "TMZ" by Weird Al Yankovic
                    2. "Get Small (Anos of Thanos)" by Bonecage
                    3. News of the Stupid
                    4. "Darlin' Please" by Beth Patterson

                    Weird Al Yankovic is at
                    Bonecage is at
                    and Beth Patterson is at

                    Shout out to our newest Patreon backer, DR. DON!
                    Thank you to our Patreon backers for helping make this show possible!!