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2016-08-22: Manic Mondays Episode 479

479FuMPfest Spotlight: Zack Shornick and the Pathetic Men
[download]Our final FuMPfest spotlight for the year goes to Zack Shornick and the Pathetic Men! And the rest of the show goes to hell with the likes of Trump and the absence of beer!

1. “King Trump” by Bob Rivers
2. FuMPfest Spotlight: Zack Shornick and the Pathetic Men! “Mother Me (Live)” by Zack Shornick and the Pathetic Men
3. Le News of Le Stupid
4. “In Heaven There Is No Beer” by Clean Living

Bob Rivers is at
Zack Shornick and the Pathetic Men is at
And that Clean Living song is from the early 70s so no web site for them, but you can still find that one on various compilations if you look around.

    2016-08-15: Manic Mondays Episode 478

    478FuMPfest Spotlight: The Gothsicles!
    [download]This week's episode highlights the dancey-in-your-pantsy that is The Gothsicles, plus serves up some NEW Barnes and Barnes and confounded cowboy conundrums!

    1. “Hell’s On Fire” by Barnes & Barnes
    2. FuMPfest Spotlight: The Gothsicles! “Cthulhu Fhartwagon” by The Gothsicles
    3. News of the STUPID!
    4. “Country Song” by Bo Burnham

    Barnes and Barnes are at, which hasn’t been updated since 2009, so to get their new album you’ll have to go directly to
    The Gothsicles are at
    And Bo Burnham is at

      2016-08-08: Manic Mondays Episode 477

      477FuMPfest Spotlight: Seamonkey and Library Bards!
      [download]This week's episode medals in every event! From a Duran Duran parody about this year's Olympic Games to spotlights on FuMPfest 2016 performers Seamonkey and Library Bards (separately, not together... don't worry, Bards, your rep is solid), this episode grabs the gold(platedaluminum)!

      1. “Rio” by Chuckleball
      2. News... of... THE STUPID!!!!
      3. FuMPfest Spotlight: Seamonkey! “She’s Underage” by Seamonkey
      4. FuMPfest Spotlight No. 2: Library Bards! “Buccaneer” by Library Bards

      Chuckleball is at
      Seamonkey is at
      And Library Bards are at Library

        2016-08-01: Manic Mondays Episode 476

        476FuMPfest Spotlight: Rob Paravonian!
        [download]This week's episode puts the spotlight on comedian Rob Paravonian, gets down to business and catches AAAAAAAALLL them STDs!

        1. “It’s Business Time” by Flight of the Conchords
        2. FuMPfest Spotlight: Rob Paravonian - “The Real Story Behind the Trump Campaign’s New Logo” by Rob Paravonian
        3. News of the STUPID!
        4. “STD’s: Gotta Catch ‘Em All!” by Brentalfloss

        Flight of the Conchords are at
        Rob Paravonian is at
        And Brentalfloss is at

          2016-07-25: Manic Mondays Episode 475

          475FuMPFest Spotlights: MEGATHRUSTER and Worm Quartet
          [download]This week we have two more artists who will be performing at FuMPFest, and a fund raiser for a very good cause.

          1. "The Top 10 Things to Never Say on a First Date" by MC Lars
          2. FuMPFest Spotlight: MEGATHRUSTER! "Other People Playing Minecraft" by MEGATHRUSTER
          3. News of the Stupid
          4. FuMPFest Spotlight: Worm Quartet! "The Ballad of Dr. Stopp" by Worm Quartet

          Please visit to pick up MC Lars' entire discography for as little as $1 and help raise money for suicide prevention.

            2016-07-18: Manic Mondays Episode 474

            474FuMPfest Spotlight: Dino-Mike and Pokemon!
            [download]This week's FuMPfest Spotlight is on Pokemo... crap, wait... it's Dino-Mike! Everything ELSE is Pokémon!

            1. “Pokeball” by Todd Chappelle
            2. NEWS OF THE POKEMON!
            3. FuMPfest Spotlight: Dino-Mike! “Creepy Kind of Love” by Dino-Mike
            4. “Ghostbusters” by Insane Ian featuring the great Luke Ski and Devo Spice
            5. BONUS SONG FRUM $EAM0NK3Y: “I Choose You To DIE!” by Starbomb

            Todd Chappelle is at
            Dino-Mike is at
            Insane Ian is at
            Starbomb is at

              2016-07-11: Manic Mondays Episode 473

              473FuMPfest Spotlights: Tom Smith AND Devo Spice!
              [download]This week's FuMPfest Spotlight artist is... TWO! Tom Smith, the worlds's fastest filker, and Devo Spice?!? Well, yeah, he's an artist at FuMPfest too... though it sounds a LITTLE narcissistic to profile one's self, it IS accurate and does make for entertainment listening to him refer to himself in the 3rd person! Plus, it's not all him, you get Tom and some other cool stuff too, like:

              1. “Raw Hide (The Waxing Song)” by Reformed Whores
              2. “Smash The Frickin’ Fairies (Live at PenguiCon)” by Tom Smith
              3. News of the STUPID
              4. FuMPfest Spotlight: Devo Spice! “The Comedy-Music Life” by Devo Spice

              Reformed Whores are at
              Tom Smith is at
              And Devo Spice is at

                2016-07-04: Manic Mondays Episode 472

                472FuMPfest Light-Cast-By-Firework: Carrie Dahlby!
                [download]Though he doesn't mention it, Devo Spice recorded this week's show in his car on the beach! So to all youze listening in your car and not out there on the beach, this one's for you!
                Your explosive Fourth of July lineup is:

                1. “#TrumpSoPoor” by Lauren Mayer
                2. FuMPfest Spotlight on: Carrie Dahlby! “Wreckin’ by the Book (The Cake Wrecks Song)” by Carrie Dahlby
                3. NEWS OF THE STOOPID!
                4. “Burgers on the Grill” by Bob Rivers

                Lauren Mayer is at
                Carrie Dahlby is at
                Bob Rivers is at

                  2016-06-27: Manic Mondays Episode 471

                  471FuMPfest Spotlight: 2D6 and Paul & Storm!
                  [download]This episode is full o' FuMPness as we not only feature longtime FuMP staple Tom Smith but we put a candle on one end of a slide that has large magnifying glasses on the ends and then we LIGHT that candle and shine this contraption upon FuMPfest performers 2D6 (not a new Star Wars droid) and FuMPfest guests of honor, Paul & Storm (rumored to be new Star Wars droids)!!

                  1. “Just a Kid from Brooklyn” by Tom Smith
                  2. “Number 8 Will Blow Your Mind” by 2D6
                  3. NEWS OF THE STOOPID! *NSFW ALERT: Devo goes ham cussing at the end!
                  4. “This Song” by Paul and Storm

                  Tom Smith is at
                  2D6 is at
                  And Paul and Storm are at

                    2016-06-20: Manic Mondays Episode 470

                    470FuMPfest Spotlight: Tim Cavanagh
                    [download]This week's episode features a FuMPfest spotlight on Tim Cavanagh, some congratulatory tidbits from TV's Kyle's new cartoon hit, Mighty Magiswords, and the REAL reason your kids like you as a father!

                    1. “Daddy’s Money” by Ogden Edsl
                    2. FuMPfest Spotlight: “My Girlfriend Spontaneously Combusted” by Tim Cavanagh
                    3. News Of The Stupid!
                    4. “Mighty Magiswords Medley” by TV's Kyle

                    Ogden Edsl’s music can be found on
                    Tim Cavanagh is at
                    And TV’s Kyle is at