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2018-08-13: Manic Mondays Episode 582

582Summer is Out for School
[download]Well folks, it's basically the end of another summer, although the weather is still hot and mentally we'll be on vacay for another month or so. Of course, for a lot of us desk-jockey types that means absolutely nothing but for those of us who do cherish their summertime, this show is one last getaway, one last blockbuster film, and a heavy dose of cancer causing agents!

1. “I’m on Vacation” by Rhett and Link
2. “The Megalodon Song” by Aaron Fraser-Nash
3. News of the Stupid
4. "Asbestos Got Me Down" - Bili Rubin

Rhett and LInk are at
Aaron Fraser-Nash is on Twitter @FraserNash
and Bili Rubin is at

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    2018-08-06: Manic Mondays Episode 581

    [download]We couldn't title this episode anything else. Sorry, not sorry!

    1. “Hands in the Air” by The Holderness Family
    2. “Everything’s a Song (Super Rad! Version!)” by the great Luke Ski
    3. News of the Stupid!
    4. “The Walrus Song” by Jason Steele

    The Holderness Family is at
    The great Luke Ski is at
    and Jason Steele is at

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      2018-07-30: Manic Mondays Episode 580

      580Like or Like Not, There Is No Meh
      [download]On this week's episode, Devo Spice reviews the new album from Psychostick as we celebrate things we really, really like! Well, that is unless you use the term "Shark Week" differently than most of us!

      1. “I Like” by Colleen Green
      2. DEMENTIA BREAKDOWN: Review of the new album by Psychostick, "DO"!
      3. “Tuesday” by Psychostick
      5. “Shark Week” by The Plum Pluckers

      Colleen Green is at
      Psychostick is at
      and The Plum Pluckers can be found on amazon and iTunes

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        2018-07-23: Manic Mondays Episode 579

        579Topical Punch
        [download]Hysterical podcast or... historical podcast? Pretty much both! If you ever wonder what was going on in the world during a particular time period, the only research you REALLY need to do is check our episodes for what songs were played and you'll know the lay of the historical land. This week we're on point with blimps, Trump (which goes well with the previous), and the popular Hotel Transylvania franchise now on its 3rd installment. See? We're a regular Farmer's Almanac.

        1. “Has Anyone Seen My Blimp?” by The Arrogant Worms
        2. “A Very Stable Genius” by Randy Rainbow
        3. News of the Stupid!
        4. “The Zing Song” from Hotel Transylvania

        The Arrogant Worms are at
        Randy Rainbow is at
        And Hotel Transylvania 3 is currently in theaters, go see it.

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          2018-07-16: Manic Mondays Episode 578

          578Bringing the Heat
          [download]We're in the dead-middle of summer and things are REALLY heating up! In honor what's hot, this week's show features all the hot properties, geographically, in entertainment and in yo mouth!

          1. “Deadpool the Musical 2”
          2. “Chick-fil-a” by Tim Hawkins
          3. News of the Stupid!
          4. “Why Is Texas So Hot?” by MintChocoTran

          Deadpool Musical 2 is on YouTube
          Tim Hawkins is at Tim
          and MintChocoTran is on Twitter at MintChocoTran

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            2018-07-09: Manic Mondays Episode 577

            577The Prescription For Resistin'
            [download]With each passing week and each new political scandal or soundbite or bit of fake news, a new prescription for anxiety may be necessary. OR you can just listen to this show and avoid all the side effects! Well, at least SOME of the side effects!*

            1. “It Wasn’t Me” by James Corden and Shaggy
            2. “The Eagle and the Bear” by BS de Resistance
            3. News of the Stupid
            4. “Pills” by Allan Sherman
            5. BONUS: “Pillagers (live at Don Hills Music Bar, 9-26-2009)” by Devo Spice

            James Corden can be found on The Late Late Show
            BS de Resistánce is at
            and Allan Sherman’s music can be found in various forms on Amazon.
            Shout-out to this week’s new backers on Patreon: Cary Whitney! Woo-hoo!

            *Manic Mondays may cause extreme laughter and dementia

              2018-07-02: Manic Mondays Episode 576

              576Fry Like An Eagle
              [download]It's HOT, 'Murica, and we talkin' the weather AND the week, cuz it's Fourth of July Week in the good ol' U S of A!... also known as "Firecracker Week" by those pesky neighborhood kids who are setting them off as I type... daaahhh get to bed ya arsonists!
              Yes, now where was I, oh yes... heat... 'Murica... and Mario Kart! So light up those sparklers - they're less noisy, and WE'RE bringing the noise - and declare your independence from Monday!

              1. “It’s Hot as Balls Outside” by Cirque du So What
              2. “Justice for Waluigi” by Darth Nater
              3. News of the, like, totally STUPID!
              4. “America! Fuck Yeah!” from Team America World Police

              Cirque du So What is at
              Darth Nater is at Darth, NATER
              And Team America World Police is a movie from the creators of South Park that has to be seen to be believed.

              Thank you to our Patreon backers for helping make this show free from tyranny and corruption and welcome to all peoples of Earth!!! 'MURICA!

                2018-06-25: Manic Mondays Episode 575

                575Space Forced
                [download]It's summertime, so what blockbusters do we have to look forward to? Why, REALITY! In this episode we sign up for duty in Trump's new Space Force, review the new Incredibles movie like we wuz Dickie Goodman, and delve into that hottest of seasons. So strap in, take off, and let's get that wall built around the moon to keep those pesky aliens out!

                1. “Space Force” by Songify This
                2. “An Incredible Interview” by Anthony “A-Log” Logatto
                3. News of the Stupid!
                4. “Browncoats of Summer” by Mikey Mason

                Songify This is on YouTube
                A-Log can be found on The FuMP Sideshow
                and Mikey Mason is at

                Thank you to our Patreon backers for helping make this show possible!

                  2018-06-18: Manic Mondays Episode 574

                  574The Incredible Monday Morning Podcast!
                  [download]This week we salute The Incredibles, say happy birthday to Kanye West, and marvel at what lengths stupid people will go to to injure themselves.

                  1. "Flexible" by Whitney Avalon
                  2. "Kanye’s B-Day Song" by Rick and Morty
                  3. News of the Stupid
                  4. "Getting Shot in the Face Sucks" by Worm Quartet Thank you to our Patreon backers!

                    2018-06-11: Manic Mondays Episode 573

                    573Keeping a Positive Attitude (Lightin One Up)
                    [download]Another Monday, another week of working for the man... or maybe NOT working so much! Either way we're here to help you look on the bright side, so kick back, relax, and spark up... uh... whatever's legal in your state!

                    1. “We Ain’t Got No Business” by Mighty Magiswords
                    2 “So Far So Good” by Andy Breckman
                    3. News of the Stupid
                    4. “Fish Man (Man Fish)” by Bonecage

                    Mighty Magiswords is at,j
                    Andy Breckman is at,
                    and Bonecage is at

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